Thursday 1 September 2011

read this second, or go back to April 2011 and read it then...

I thought I had published this months ago... back in April, in fact. But... now that I've found it, and reread it, it's still so frickin apropos... given that I'm spending six or more hours from the time I get up before I can pry my bloodied and battered down to at least the first knuckle fingers off the keyboard and go do something productive... like make silly earrings.

I have to (re)post this:

AGNES By Tony Cochran

And I hope I don't get sued for posting this cartoon. I love Agnes more than anything. I too have had problems how to grasp the concept of the Internet. How it didn't exist, and then it did. It's the black hole of forever lost time, that's for sure. Turn my computer OFF and lookit all the things I accomplish. It's amazing. I used to think that two hours spent reading a big city newspaper from front to back was a time-sucker. Hah. Eight or ten hours can go by on here and what have I actually accomplished?

I solved the TV time-sucking problem by not having one. Or, well, I have one, but it's only for watching DVDs and that has slowed down to a crawl in the past few years that I've been living out in the country. Added to the lost hours watching increasingly dubious content (or hit eject after two minutes of brain-rotting crap and lose the rental/gas money), I have to add the cost of gas, rental and time spent driving to and from the video store or library twice. I don't have cable. More brain rotting crap. I certainly don't have a cellphone/BlackBerry or suchlike to text/tweet/twit my friends and myself to death.

It's this damned Internet that is sucking my time on earth. I have to go make jewellery, clean up, start spring-trimming my poor unsuspecting dog... good time to do it: he's sound asleep on the couch. It just occurred to me that I should start spelling jewellery as "jewelry" since that's what is in most search engines.

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