Friday 2 September 2011

Black & white feather earrings with heliotrope swarovski dangles

I love heliotrope. I wish they had more selection of sizes and shapes. All sterling findings on these earrings. I need to get some of those long skinny feathers to break up the "chunkiness" of these.

These are the first of my examples for the Alternative Bridal Show that Rene (Let's Eat Cake) and I are putting on in Woodstock on the 2nd of October. Not particularly original, I know, but I'm having fun putting them together. Everything is made to be easily taken apart and remade into something else.

This silver towel rack is one of my new table display pieces. Raw turquoise peeking out from underneath the background... gotta get that sorted, priced and do something with it, too -- soon! Yummers... so many new toys, so little time. Long weekend is here and off to Toronto on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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