Thursday 15 September 2011

Hammered copper ring

I found this blog today, by musician Glenn Morrissette, ex of LA, and his life in an RV travelling the US. All pursuant to my dreams of sooner rather than later frapping la rue.

I've lost my picture gallery on the WWJ site. No record of it anywhere to be found. Sigh... I was going to post the pictures of my first hammered copper ring. Shit, these are tough to do!

No idea what that goobery shite is speckling the ring. Ewww...

Memo to self: start hammering on the mandrel two sizes smaller than the desired finished size.
 This is ostensibly an adjustable ring, but because I locked the twirls inside the bend, it can only be made smaller. I'm trying to come up with a way to make the twirls sit horizontally, rather than vertically. Variations on a theme.

Been wasting time online since 5:30 this morning. Went out to admire the wood pile which arrived last night at 7:30, Chris made my deadline with 4.5 hours to spare...

Doesn't look like much, does it? Welcome to southern Ontario: face cord for $80, one more to come supposedly tonight.

This is where the shed being borrowed from a friend of the landlord's will be going... one of these days. I still haven't paid for the wood yet (only paid September's rent last night in order to compel him to do at least one thing that he's promised, unlike last year when I paid for the wood in August, he agreed to get five cords in in total by the end of September, and three days before Christmas I was screaming at him to get me that first cord of wood because I was literally down to the last armload of the scrap 3x3s that had been donated by friends who felt sorry for me), so that might light a figurative fire under Chris to do what he promises. Yes, the door where Max is standing IS wonky. It was ripped out with a chainsaw.

...and check the mail but it hasn't arrived yet. Usually it's here by 10:30-10:45, but today it's late or not coming at all. Bitter wind from the north, even though the sun is quite warm, and so far it's still warm inside here from yesterday's heat and humidity but I notice it's cooling down fast. I also got an email that there's a cheque waiting for me at the store downtown. Yippeeee... hope it's substantial... because my truck is once again, as I write this, up on the hoist, this time getting a new fuel pump installed. What will I be up to by the end of the day, you ask? Something like three grand in truck repairs this spring and summer!?!?!?!

No wonder I'm forever broke. My horrorscope this morning said I should get any projects (I'm thinking it's gotta mean Rene's wrap bracelet and the black and white cake decorations plus dangles) done TODAY... just maybe that means I'll get a huge typing project in tomorrow, d'ya think?!?!?! hahaha. Sometimes horrorscopes can be so right and sometimes so off the wall wrongo-bongo. I usually compare them and pay attention if I can interpret them to say more or less the same thing or if there's a common theme... or in my case undercurrent . Funny how every Pisces for the past umpteen years has been in financial difficulties every frickin' day, innit? They've consistently got that right. Explain that, all you doubters!

Well, time for lunch. I'll spare you photos of that.

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