Friday 16 February 2018

March 2018 GEM EXPO Classes have been posted!!!

Sign up early as many of the classes are now filling up within a week or two of being posted. Don't be disappointed by waiting until you get to the show. Class sizes are limited to allow the instructor one-on-one time with each student.

When you're asked to bring tools to class if you have them, these for me are the four essential tools.

L to R: Bent-nose pliers; flat nose (or chain nose -- next on my list to buy); round nose, flush cutters (with the pointed ends).


1. Unless you will be doing a lot of travelling, do not buy the small travel or kid-size tools and pliers. They aren't meant for constant use, and they don't work as well as full size pliers because they'll make good results more difficult to achieve.

2. Hardware store tools are NOT suitable.

3. Buy the best pliers you can afford and if you have a choice of padded/ergonomic handles like the blue ones on the left and right, those are preferable to the red-handled pliers in the centre of the photo.

4. Beadalon and Eurotool are both good starter brands.

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