Saturday 12 March 2016

Runup to the GEM EXPO... & 2 Stretch Stacker Bracelets

...means I tend to not get much of anything made, just spending time pricing new goodies and figuring out how to coherently display far too much in a too-small space. All of which planning I know will get thrown out the window once I see the exact configuration. A lot depends on where the door is relative to my booth and what I think the main traffic patterns will be.

I did get some particularly nice vintage hand-carved Southwestern style animal fetishes in and I'll have lots of vintage metal doodads, as well, this year. I may or may not get them photographed before I leave for The Gem Expo, but I definitely will be acquiring a larger selection.

Meanwhile, I managed to finish off several orders for market customers and then threw together these two bracelets early yesterday evening -- yes, that is SUN!!! As I said, not a very productive week.

Made with the last lonely bag of the most beautiful pale blue-grey small pony beads. They appear to change colour depending on what is next to them -- and photographing them is next to impossible. If I capture the aqua terra blue, then everything else is washed out.

Top bracelet $20; bottom bracelet $15

Definitely something that looks better in person. Both are available for sale, email me for availability/shipping or come to the market. I'll be there in... about one hour! Woodstock Farmers Market, Nellis Street at the Fairgrounds, 7:00-12:00 noon. I have enough beads to make a few more of these.

Thanks for stopping by!

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