Tuesday 8 March 2016

Blingy Crystal Earrings & Stretch Stacker Bracelet Sets...

I had to shorten a pair of super-long dangle crystal earrings for a customer yesterday and got caught up in all the bling. Those who know me will be ROTF laughing their faces off as I'm the least blingy person anyone could ever meet. Turns out I have a secret life that nobody ever suspected -- including me.

These came out very nicely -- made richer, I think, because of the addition of the silver-plated topaz/copper rhinestone rondelles (bought on a pure whim from ACC Bead last November at the Gem Expo). I tried putting the bracelets together with both gold-plated and silver-plated clear rhinestone rondelles but they kinda just laid there and went thpppptt.

Gem Expo plug: 
TEN days to spectacular bling, beads & jewellery
Hyatt Regency Hotel
King Street, Toronto
March 18th, 19th & 20th 

Here are the two sets I made before running out of beads. The colours go so nicely together and, with the gold-tones of the AB finish and topaz/copper combined with the sterling silver earrings, you could wear these with just about anything. The earrings are surprisingly light-weight for their length.

Earrings: $18; Bracelet: $40
Set: $50

Again, the silver metal, gold AB finish and the topaz/copper rondelles mean these also will be good to go with just about everything.

Earrings: $15; Bracelet: $25
Set: $35

Both sets are available with earrings and bracelet sold together or separately. Please email me for availability/postage or see me at the Woodstock Farmers Market this Saturday. I'll be getting more of these shapes and colours when I'm in Toronto at the Gem Expo where you can sign up and learn how to make these yourself in my class, Totally Addicting Stretch Stacker Bracelets. If you want to special-order a different colour combo, email or see me at the market about that, as well.

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