Saturday 24 October 2015

Copper Wire-Woven Lapis Heart Pendant...

The market was fairly quiet this morning to begin with so I started making a random wire-woven thick and thin "ribbon" just to see what it would look like. I continued weaving the wires pretty much to the end (the ribbon is about 6 or 7 inches in total).

Earlier this week I went digging through a bag of mystery stones and discovered a handful of undrilled chubby semi-precious hearts that I hadn't yet done anything with, so I picked one of the lapis ones to play with.

The heart front, well and truly trapped:

Showing the back and bottom and just how chubby these hearts are:

For some weird reason, I'm obsessed with using only one continuous piece of wire, rather than working with multiple pieces in layers, and I'm still working with too short wires and/or cutting them off too soon.

The other thing I've noticed -- and so many people have commented on this, as well -- the backs, which are the truly randomly made parts, are often far more interesting than the fronts.

Thanks for looking!


Unknown said...

I really like this - artfully done. Lynn in Woodstock, ON

Unknown said...

I really like this - artfully done. Lynn in Woodstock, ON

Barbara said...

Thanks, Lynn. Hope you can come on Saturday and see it. I'm really happy with it.


Nancy Boyum said...

What exquisite wirework! This is something I'm afraid to even try! Congratulations!

Barbara said...

The only thing you need to fear is addiction -- it will take over your life. Funny thing that you will like -- one of the things I make use of are those funny fold-over bobbins used in kumihomo to hold the miles of wrapping wire. I always think of you when I use it. :-)))))))