Saturday 28 March 2015

Two Skull Bracelets...

A busy market this morning. In between restringing a broken choker and selling, earrings and pendants and lots and lots of skulls to the cutest little kids -- man, kids have such great taste these days, don't they? -- I made these two bracelets over... and over... and over. First I didn't stretch the Stretch Magic enough so the bracelet was too floopy, then I discovered the skulls were facing the opposite ways after I tied off the elastic, or then it ended up too small for the person I had in mind. Sigh...

All was not lost: my imaginary customer bought the one on the right.

Red bamboo coral, silver-plated pewter skulls, old chevrons, red picasso and black glass beads. The bracelet on the left is still for sale, $17 plus shipping. I can also remake the one on the right ($10), with slightly different bamboo beads (or turquoise or other beads as requested, price would be adjusted). Email me for details, pix.

Thanks for looking!

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