Sunday 8 February 2015

Crunchy, crispy, bouncing rain outside... perfect white paperwhites inside...

'Nuff said:

Groceries have been brought in and I'm permaparked to sit out the duration of the freezing rain currently sitting on top of us. I am so very, very tired of winter and looking forward to turning this little cottage into an even bigger bower of flowers this summer. Meanwhile, I content myself with watching my little shelf garden of paperwhites from the market go nutso next to the french doors.

Since supervising flowers blooming is as productive as staring at and willing water to boil, I'm currently watching a YouTube video which goes into painstaking detail how to layer wire-weaving right from the very beginning of the design. Living in the middle of nowhere it can be difficult to get to classes particularly in the winter, and you gotta love YT. (Which is sortakinda funny, because jewellery-maker yukonreddy is -- duh -- from the Yukon.)

I'm totally in love with that sinuous, hammered and bead-layered look that so many people on Pinterest make look so easy.

...except now, digging through my stash, I find that almost none of the silver or copper wire I've accumulated over the years is the correct temper for wire-weaving. Sheesh. I could've sworn I had some 26 gauge in dead soft temper.

Go check the link out, and if you've found other good wire-weaving/layering tuts I can to add to my stash please let me know.

Thanks for looking!

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