Friday 5 December 2014

It took me two days...

This is the mess I've managed to create in just two days. I spent several hours yesterday sorting tax receipts into quarters, and then my pal Brenda arrived to learn some wire-wrapping techniques, so the receipt piles all got shoved to the back against the wall. Who knows how long they'll remain there as I just got a pile of typing in.

This is the pendant I wrapped with dead soft copper wire and which will be going on my market table tomorrow morning. No idea what the stone is. Reminds me of snowflake obsidian, but this doesn't have the opacity, and it's dyed. Most of the beads on the table in the above picture will end up wrapped. You can get some really cool examples of beads on multi-strings for next to nothing. I got mine from Arton in Toronto a year or two ago.

Thanks for looking!


Unknown said...

It reminds me of petrified coral, the pattern, but I have no idea why anyone would dye it. I've also seen petrified palm in similar colors (not dyed though) but the stone looks less similar to palm. Good luck with all that paperwork!

Rosanne said...

Ah, the magnetic power of flat surfaces! A few days ago I put up a folding tailgating table so I could temporarily (sic) sort out beads from papers. I will have to bribe myself with a really good treat to keep it from becoming a permanent part of the landscape…..

This cab reminded me of chrysanthemum stone as seen in the Fire Mountain catalog, but when I googled images I saw many things which definitely weren’t. So I don’t know, either.

Alexandra EyeLoveKnots said...

GORGEOUS! I love the swirls in the wire.