Wednesday 12 November 2014

Nephrite Jade, Carnelian & Black Cinnabar Necklace & Earrings...

Hah -- with reference to a discussion with Lisa Yang two posts ago, I had to take apart old jewellery to get one more carnelian bead for the necklace and then, while I was at it, tore apart an unsold bracelet to get two 6mm beads for the earrings. I figured I should make earrings now because the long bicone shape of the jade will be difficult to ever find again and typical customers in my mind's eye do like earrings.

'Scuse also the bad colour -- these really are a dark and dullish jade on the yellow side of the spectrum and the carnelian is a deep orange: not this Christmassy. I will try rephotographing tomorrow.

Necklace is 25.5" long. $125 for the necklace and earrings. I take PayPal and Square. Shipping and handling extra. Please email me for availability.

The inspiration to make this necklace was pure procrastination -- a highly underrated tool, at least in my creative arsenal -- and which came about as I was restringing and pricing bead strands for The Gem Expo. Hard to believe, in seven days I will be packing my truck for the show, and one week tomorrow, unless the forecast changes, I will be driving through snow and whatnot to get to Toronto. I'm really looking forward to being in Toronto. The drive? Mmmm, not so much.

Thanks for looking!


Rosanne said...

Please give us a description of your adventures at this upcoming show! Your blogs about the July event made me feel that I was there, although I have only an inkling of the time and physical labor required for its preparation and setup. I really liked the photos, food reviews, and written accounts. Most of all, have fun!

Barbara said...

Hi, Rosanne,

Thanks! I will try. Have you read my other blog posts from the other shows I did in July 2013, November 2013 and March 2014? I went into far greater detail in those posts with lots more pictures -- the July show, I kinda forgot about pix, and then all of a sudden the show was over.