Tuesday 22 July 2014

Afghan Turquoise Necklace... & My Desktop Is Dead -- Again...

This is not good! Geez, just what I need when I'm a day and a half away from leaving for the Gem Expo. I am not used to this laptop -- in fact I haven't touched it since I got the desktop fixed back in March, I guess it was. Early April? Man, time has flown.

Anyway, I've been busy restringing and pricing beads and, of course, this is when I get all my brilliant ideas for jewellery. This is also when I find all the beads I knew I had, but had no idea where they'd got to. I did take a break to make another small batch of peach freezer jam -- in fact I have to go put it in the jars now -- and strung this necklace:  hand-cut Afghan turquoise, carved yellow jade lantern beads and bone birds.

Necklace, $75, plus shipping and handling, or... Oopsies... this item SOLD at the Gem Expo. I will be getting more of these bone birds in soon. 

Better yet, come and try it on at The Gem Expo, being held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on King Street, Toronto, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 25th, 26th and 27th. Hope to see you there! Sign up for their newsletter and get $2 off the admission fee, plus read about silent auctions and classes on the website.

Thanks for looking!

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