Saturday 26 April 2014

Copper-Wrapped Ma'an Shan Turquoise Necklace w/ Hubei(?) Turquoise Pendant...

No sign today of my robin returning to her nest, but she and her husbird are still hanging around. I saw what might be yellow finches this afternoon. Saw a pair of Canada geese cutting through my backyard to the pond next door and I was told there will be mallards nesting in the swampy bush area at the back of the property.

Made this last Saturday at the market and forgot to post it. I know the smaller nuggets are Ma'an Shan, and I'm assuming that the pendant is Hubei. Gorgeous colours, and every pendant is different.

The "right" side of the pendant:

The "wrong" side of the pendant:

Closeup of the pendant, "right" side:

The pendant is about 1-1/4" high, flat oval. I used tobacco brown Greek leather to make the adjustable cord. 

Thanks for looking!

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