Friday 30 August 2013

Lepidolite, Teal "Jade", carved Tibetan agate & Quartz Crystal Necklace...

Whenever you see a bead name in quotes, especially "jade", it's dyed -- and who knows what it really is. Quartz and serpentinite seem to be the two usual culprits. I have no problem using dyed stones as they are often very pretty and useful colours; I just don't want to be paying real prices for fakes. Still playing with and my iPhone and experimenting with photographing in different types of daylight. The colour in these particular beads is definitely more than a little wonky.

Here is what I was working on all day. A customer wants something with a lot of different colours but wasn't too specific about what types of colours, let alone what style. I'll find out tomorrow if I'm in the ballpark. It would, of course, be much easier if she gave me a picture of what she's seen elsewhere that's exactly what she wants, but welcome to my world.


Lepidolite (real!), teal "jade" (not real), quartz crystal and a Tibetan carved agate focal with pewter spacers and clear glass seed beads.

Now to pack up as I'm off to the market tomorrow morning.

Thanks for looking!

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