Monday 12 August 2013

Happy Customer... Happyhappy Me!!!

I've been making and selling jewellery for about six years now. It's one thing to sell in person where you can chat with customers maybe over several weeks, get to know them and what they like, their lifestyles, they can try different items on, and you can easily make adjustments to make something fit perfectly. But it's a whole 'nother ball of wax posting a picture online that will never be able to truly convey the colour, texture, luminosity or beauty of the stones, the weight or delicacy of a piece, and forget sizing entirely. That's a total crap-shoot.

I had posted this glass skull, pewter and enhanced lapis lazuli bracelet on the blog about a month ago.

Out of the blue -- sorry. Couldn't resist -- last Saturday, which was a long weekend here, came an email from the US wanting to buy it. After the initial whoo-hoo and happy dance, my guts went into overdrive. What if she doesn't like it? What if she's disappointed for some reason? What if the post office loses it? All the what-ifs... I packed it carefully in layers of bubble wrap and mailed it Tuesday morning. And waited.

Then I got another email late Saturday night/early Sunday morning:

OMG.  Here I've been carrying on and what I meant to tell you first thing was that your bracelet came today.
You are really, really good at all the stuff I avoid!!!!  I'll need to take another look at it, but I was impressed with the metal work.  I just have never gotten the hand of wrapping loops or working with wire, period.  I'm a klutz.  
But there's a balance, a symmetry that's very appealing to this bracelet.  The crystal skull just makes it.  And  I totally underestimated the effect of the lapis beads.
Very, very, nice.  Thank you so much.  I think my friend is really going to love this.

Whew! To Nancy LaB, thank YOU for trusting me! Go Canada Post and USPS! It took just five days to get across a border and half way across the continent.

Back to the jewellery table. Again, if you ever see something you like, please email me for more information.

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