Friday 10 May 2013

Lots of changes...

I am in limbo -- albeit a paradisical limbo -- with the main move of some of my furniture, books and art and jewellery paraphernalia still to come when the renovations are finally complete. Most of it will be sold, given away and/or tossed as I am now living in essentially one, albeit quite large, room which, given my proclivities, could fill up rather rapidly. This will be a social engineering experiment: I'm trying to psych myself up to live a more minimalist life. Okay, pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off and stop guffawing. I'm serious. Many, many thanks to Lynn of Fashion Your Space and Nancy, friend and jewellery student, who got me organised and moved.

Here are pictures I've taken through the window next to where I type and in future will make jewellery, perched on the side of a wooded, cliffy hill overlooking a river which in one week has become all but obscured by leaves.

Moving Day 3 May 2013

8 May 2013

10 May 2013 - in the morning
10 May 2013 - 3 p.m. View from my typing chair
 Not only have I moved, but as of a week ago I am in a new store. If you're in the area, Thyme on Fifty-Nine is just south of Woodstock on Hwy 59 below the 401, and is an intriguing nooks-&-crannies accessories and gift shop attached to the north side of Dean Michael's Griddlehouse, well off the highway with lots of parking under shady trees. There is even bus parking. Area Red Hat Ladies know this place well. The food? Nancy and I split a HUGE Monte Cristo sandwich with a super-fresh salad. It was pretty yummy and plenty large enough to split. I definitely want to try their Eggs Benny.

Meanwhile, lots of men's and ladies' chokers and necklaces have been made and sold in the past few weeks.

Lots of skulls & lethal-looking pointy things by me.

Pewter raven skull, zinc cones & beads

Pewter skull, zinc cones & beads

Assorted chokers made with copper skull & base metal beads (top), Javanese recycled glass bead &
assorted base metal beads (middle), and carved bone arrowhead with copper & base metal beads
designed by Nancy

Tibetan quartz crystal choker with moonstones, labradorite & onyx
designed by Nancy

A spectacular high cut peridot & quartz crystal necklace with pewter daisy spacers
designed by Nancy for her mother

Assorted silver-plated skull chokers,  middle with lava beads, bottom with handmade African copper spirals & copper beads & plated base metal beads.

Agate "claw" choker with Tibetan bone skulls, raw black tourmaline & red horn beads
designed by Nancy (sold)

Rice lapis lazuli focal bead, copper and pewter spacers, Kingman turquoise chip choker

Raw Chinese turquoise nugget focal with Afghani turquoise, silver & brass beads & base metal beads
designed by Nancy

Assorted chokers designed by myself & Nancy
Thanks for looking and stay tuned for new studio pix!


Nelson Beads said...

I can't believe how much your place has greened up in just one week. What a gorgeous view. I'm quite jealous, but my day will come. Soon!

And you've been very busy!!! You've definitely got men's jewelry nailed. I can see the appeal of those "lethal" chokers for the young crowd. Do woman also buy those skull chokers and such?

And congrats to Nancy for designing and selling her pieces.

Barbara said...

Hi, Joanne,

Greened -- *and* weeded up. There are these stinky weeds, can't remember the name, that grow two feet or more high everywhere in this area that smell of garlic (not that bad a smell per se but one you don't expect to find in a garden) and which I just found out is a delicacy in upscale city restaurants. I told my landlady we're sitting on a gold mine here.

Thanks! I've sold a ton of those skull bracelets and chokers made from the beads I bought from you. In fact, many mothers will be getting them today. I want to make more but have to drill out the holes a bit so I can string them on 1.5mm leather. The problem I'm encountering at the moment is market demographics: we don't get that many teens coming to the market unless they come with their parents (but yes, when they find me they do buy) or the 20-to-30-somethings that I would like to attract, but who aren't your typical Saturday morning market-goers.

Yes, Nancy's great at putting beads together. I still can't get over how beautifully that peridot necklace turned out.