Sunday 16 September 2012


Even though I am in the throes of proofing a huge job due tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., I have to post these pictures. I have an obsession with slouch socks dating back 30 years when The Bay used to sell 100% cotton slouch socks in all colours of the rainbow made by the late lamented (by me, anyway) Paquette's Mill in Woodstock of all places, and which are almost impossible to find nowadays. What is WITH those super tight, super skinny socks that cut off circulation and leave great honking marks around one's ankles??? For me, socks must at a minimum be loose, especially at the top.

They have to be warm at the business end, non-sweat-inducing which just makes your feet cold anyway, definitely not itchy, not floppy large feet -- I have narrow feet -- as well as machine washable. I have lately become a fan of the hand-cranked washable wool socks which I occasionally get for Christmas from my brother out on Malcolm Island. Those ones are just about perfect on all counts -- I am a fiend for stripes -- but there's no slouch. For the past year Crazy for Socks have been vendors at the Woodstock Farmers Market. We've been working on the slouch factor and I think they've nailed it.

This colour combo is Fiesta and that's all slouch, not my fat legs, and skinny in the feet. Whoo hoo! Order yours (well, maybe not Fiesta, I think my socks used it all up, but they have all kinds of wonderful colour combos and plain, hand-dyed, and merino, etc.) from Crazy For Socks and tell them I sent you. Btw, for all you knitters and weavers out there, they are the driving force behind the annual Woodstock Fleece Festival coming up on Saturday, October 13. They have real sheepses there! and a zillion vendors!

And, since everyone knows how fashion forward and into colour coordination I am, I finally found a source for a beautiful purply-purple 10/0 seed bead (a good purple being virtually non-existent in opaque seed beads, as anyone into seed beads knows; green, too) and today I finally got the light orange or medium orange seed beads, also next to impossible to find, I've been searching everywhere for and which I use a lot of with turquoise seed beads. They match my socks! It makes my colour-coordinated heart all warm and fuzzy. Emilie Corbiere of Red Road Publishing makes beautiful jewellery. After running into her on LinkedIn the other day -- which is turning into an amazing place to "meet" people -- we met in person today at the Turtle Island Festival which was held at the Crawford Lake Conservation Area near Milton. Gorgeous, gorgeous blue sky fall day, with barely a whisp of cloud to be seen. I will be writing more about her children's books later.

Finally, the skullzzzzzzzzzzzz... I had ordered lots and lots of strings of skulls from Nelson Jewelry and Gemstones, you can see them there, lurking on the right, and here is what I did with them yesterday. The joy of having lots of strings of a single bead and colour is that I don't have to agonise over what will be the best use of a few precious beads. Make this, try that, ooooh, that's cool -- make more... Oh, and these beads have 1.5mm holes in them, perfect for stringing on 1.5mm Greek leather.

That skull chakra necklace was just screaming to be made... so I did.

I made a pile of these adjustable bracelets, all different colours and single colours, but the batteries ran out of juice before I could photograph them all -- sold 'em anyway. I can make more.

Howlite skull bracelets, $8; chokers, $15 and up.
Socks, you're on your own, email Crazy for Socks. Prices will vary with the yarn type and size.

Thanks for looking!

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