Thursday 6 September 2012

A thought about sites like Pinterest... and Nelson Gemstones

I wonder if Pinterest or similar sites have taken off in other countries like it has in the US? I wonder if there's a correlation between the high level in North America of "shopping culture" and other countries where consumerism, for various reasons, hasn't taken root? I find I'm using Pinterest as a substitute for shopping-shopping and also for bead shopping at the moment. Appeases my hunter-gatherer instincts. Certainly I can afford to hoard much nicer pictures of things than I could ever afford to buy, at least in this lifetime.

Any thoughts on this?

But I did buy these... and they showed up two days ago. Got 'em from Nelson Gemstones. Joanne's got quality gemstones in most of the sizes of rounds for most of the popular stones, as well as her own jewellery. My order was her first time shipping to Canada and any form-filling-out bugs were successfully dealt with. Also, back orders are processed very quickly. Worth checking out especially if you're looking for those elusive sequential rounds.

Mmmmmmmmmmm lapis...

Thanks for looking!


Sondra said...

Do you have an Etsy Store? I work for a lady and 95% of our business is via orders we sell on Etsy! We dont make jewelry we make draperies and pillows! There seems to be a lot of traffic on Etsy.

Barbara said...

Hi, Sondra, Yes, I do have an Etsy page, however, I haven't loaded anything new lately. I'm rethinking what I did do there before since my jewellery got lost in the gabillions of other earrings, necklaces and bracelets that people list there. In fact, I only sold 2 things in 3 years. If you look at you can seem more of what I do, and yes, it's definitely all over the map. I even make cake jewellery now. Maybe you have some suggestions. For now, I sell mostly at a farmer's market and through local stores and art galleries. I'm working with a friend who is a visual merchandiser and she is helping me focus and fine-tune a bit better as I have a pretty eclectic selection of styles/price points, etc., but it's exactly that which helps me get into very different stores and galleries who all have different client bases.

Talk to you soon. What's your store on Etsy?


Joanne at Nelson Gemstones said...

Thanks, Barbara, for posting about the beads you got from me. And thank you SO much for your order. I'd love to see what you do with those lapis heishi beads.

I must advise others that the photo of the lapis beads is overexposed. They're much darker than that.

Barbara said...

Yeah, definitely darker, closer to the colour in the first photo. Didn't think to note that -- I usually fiddle a lot with taking photos at different exposures, just wanted to get these two done and in the blog. I should take a picture of my "bin of blue".

I love having all those skulls, as well, rather than just having one string and a million ideas of what to do with them. Now I can go nuts.