Sunday 19 February 2012

Wrapped copper rings...

Well, I was going to make more tree of life pendants today, but then I got distracted. Holy moley, these are messy. But they're kind of fun to make. Just wish I hadn't run out of 20 gauge wire on a long weekend. 
This was the first one I made, with Artistic Wire. It's going to be way too floppy to hold up to wear. But I like the gold/brass colour.

Clockwise left to right:
Square pink dyed jasper or agate(?), brass Artistic Wire;
Kingman turquoise, 20 ga copper;
Kingman turquoise, 18 ga copper, with 20 ga wrapping the stones onto the 18 ga;
Matte faceted lapis lazuli, 20 ga copper wire;
Matte faceted lapis lazuli, 14 ga copper wire.

If anyone feels like trying this out, here is where I got the tutorial for the rings. She makes it look sooooooo easy!

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