Sunday 5 February 2012

Another Stunday spent typing... but here are some purty pictures anyway

...and not making jewellery. I have two typing deadlines, one this coming Wednesday and the next one on Stunday the 12th -- oops, typo alert, but so very, very appropriate -- at 10 pm. Then, possibly, I will be free... Valentine's Day has really crept up on me again -- too late to make very much.

But here's what I did manage to put together the past few days.

This last pendant is really pretty -- I think -- and I want to get more of this rondelle shaped crystal to make bracelets. As much as I don't like using elastic, since the fixed-length bead soup bracelets are just sitting there, essentially unwearable unless the one you like happens to fit your wrist perfectly, then elastic seems to be the way to go, but I will double or quadruple it to keep it from breaking.

I've been getting very good response on deviantArt to my single Tree of Life pendant. I plan to make more. Will they still be called Trees of Life if they're not very tree-like?

If anyone knows how to put favourite online store logos permanently onto the side of the blog, could they please let me know? Like this one...

...from whom I got the coolest bear fetishes in my last order. 

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