Tuesday 9 August 2011

Primitive fantasy, deviantArt

http://primitive-fantasy.deviantart.com/ I just got invited to submit my shark tooth and turquoise necklace to this group! Might not sound like a lot, but given the readership, or maybe that's "lookership", of deviantArt.com, it means my work is going further afield than it normally might. I'm so excited to see what the response will be.

I got some outrageous carved turquoise skulls in the mail yesterday, so stay tuned. I've also been encouraged to submit my work to a local tattoo place. Are they still called parlours? Yet more things to add to the list of themes and things to make, and I still have to get that unutterably pesky application off to the art gallery gift shop.

Meanwhile, it's pouring rain here, so dark I need a light on to see the keyboard and there's a ton of typing in to pound through today. Off to Toronto tomorrow to look for more goodies.

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