Friday 5 August 2011

It's Friday again and I'm losing it...

Hey, I'm at 1,001 page views here! Wow. I'm thrilled.

Brutal week spent typing an awful, awful file. Then I had to proof it which took almost as long, plus I had to add time codes all over the place because there were so many "inaudibles" throughout. What a waste of time. Who are these morons whose job is to interview people every frickin' day, and nobody will tell them to move the effing tape recorder closer to their SUBJECT? What part of we don't need or want to hear pristine and perfect questions. It's the answer that is important. How difficult is that to grasp??? Hello???? I HATE WASTING MY TIME and I REALLY PROFOUNDLY HATE MY JOB.

Anyway... it's Friday, I've totally lost it, and here is the proof:

Bwahaha III - shark's tooth, bone dice, glass beads & hemp cord on a waxed cotton adjustable choker

Shark's tooth, turquoise, copper & base metal nugget beads
& hemp cord on a waxed cotton adjustable choker

Raw quartz crystal pendant earrings with all-in-one wrapped Argentium sterling earwires

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