Wednesday 4 May 2011

Later Tuesday morning

I find art stores, bead stores and people's studios/workspaces/places to be fascinating. They always get me jumped up and filled with ideas, ready to work, but oh, how I do run out of steam by the time I get home and contemplate the garbage dump that is my workspace. I finally found my hammer yesterday. It's been rusting away in the back seat footwell of my truck since last summer, hiding under a year's worth of accumulated trash and Max's takeout containers that he's never put into the garbage bag. In fact, they usually come from the garbage bag. He likes to eat used kleenex. But now that I've found the hammer, maybe I can get some stuff off the tables and onto the walls.

I just discovered why my truck engine light keeps coming on. Briefly, it's a $700 repair job, but it involves leaking heater hosepipes/radiator coolant, and the cheap fix is to disconnect the heater hosepipe (it's the beginning of May, don't need heat anymore, right?), and until tomorrow, top up the radiator with tap water.

Here is the current iteration of my work space. How I ever get anything done let alone found is the eternal mystery...

Computer work station aka messpile on right as you come into the room

Next is the PMC silver leaf coating station

Original work station, two doors, main door resting on bookcase shelf and other on a coffee table, levelled off with two art books, currently unusable state of uncontrolled mess

Edge of new table (took two days to become piled high with more beads)

New table in almost pristine state. That didn't last long.

Fireplace wall, couch with Max and edge of new table

Bead soup table to immediate left of entryway into room

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