Sunday 27 March 2011

uh, oh...... several years have gone by

I can't believe that almost two years has gone by since I started this blog. I had resolved to post something new every day. But I didn't. I'm a procrastinator par excellence. The good news is, in the meantime the economy finally hit bottom but, if impulse jewellery buys are any indication, things seem to be turning around. And this awful, awful winter is finally drawing to a close. I'm well into the third year selling jewellery every Saturday at the Woodstock Farmer's Market. My jewellery can be found in two retail stores, Rekindled in Woodstock and Studio Works, Paris, Ontario, as well as the Brantford Arts Block gallery shop. Two new bead stores are carrying my silver leaves and flowers, Crafter's Cupboard, Guelph, which has just had their grand opening, and The Bead Boutique, Kitchener, which will be opening in April. I don't normally do craft shows, but I have been invited to participate in the 2nd Annual Spinners & Weavers Guild Open House in Woodstock, Ontario, on May 14th. This year they are including different crafts, including jewellery and pottery. Apologies as to the appearance of this page. As usual, I have zero understanding how the blogpost format works. Designers: pay attention. The original Pagemaker was the greatest layout program ever invented. Twenty-five years later, I have zero control over line spacing, and I found out the hard way that cutting and pasting text DOES NOT WORK. Moving pictures around and adding captions? Text wrapping? Oh, please. We shall see how it looks when I post it.

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