Wednesday 16 September 2009

time's a'tickin'

I can't believe how quickly time is flying. Fall is... falling, and the vast shelves of the Free Store (aka the outdoor store) are empty, brown, withered.

My webmistress in Germany turned me onto and it's a great forum for posting new art/jewellery and getting responses, sometimes within seconds of posting, from all over the world.

Pounding away on coating silver leaves for the two big shows in October. I have another 80 almost ready to fire, just waiting for a new silver shipment to arrive so I can finish them. Will fire them I guess next week, then comes the brute labour of cleaning off the firescale and weighing, pricing and bagging each leaf, and making jewellery out of some of them. I will offer plain leaves to people to buy for their own jewellery, and I hope this proves popular.

Meanwhile, I'm playing with store-bought silliness.

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