Sunday 15 July 2018

More Market Goodies...

Yesterday was a strange day at the market, it was very quiet, didn't seem to be as many customers as usual, but it's the summer and people go away. Our loss is other farmers markets' gain.

Slow markets give me a chance to catch up on making new items and also chat at greater length with passersby.


Stretch 4mm orange calcite 
& faceted rainbow moonstone bracelet 
This bracelet is particularly beautiful on and while orange is often a difficult colour to wear for a lot of people, it's such a purely luscious orange that just works. You have to try it on to believe it. In this case, I made the bracelet first, then looked up the meaning. This combination turned out to be a totally accidental, cosmic one-two punch with orange calcite radiating positive energy powered by the sun while the rainbow moonstone deflects negative energy.

Tumbled chevron/dogtooth amethyst adjustable chokers 
Various prices. I also have some simple pendant chokers with no decorative brass for $5 each available at the market.

For those who make their own jewellery I have lots of these pendants as well as other drilled  beads and pendants and undrilled stones and crystals available. If you're looking for anything in particular, please let me know as I have bins of beads at home, plus I'll be in Toronto at the end of July buying more crystals, beads, silver and gold.

Stretch blue Hubei turquoise, orange calcite & 90-year-old Kuchi .900 silver bracelet

Stretch larimar nugget, black labradorite (with blue flash) 
& Bali silver bracelet 

Adjustable rectangular agate & quartz druzy 
leather chokers 
These three have been sold, however I have lots more agate pendants at the market, all different.

Chinese brass incense burner
Bought myself a present to use as a display piece at the upcoming GEM EXPO/META EXPO at the Hyatt Regency on King Street in Toronto July27th-29th. Brass incense burner with lid, nicely patinaeing (if that's a word) in this humid weather. No idea how old this is, but it's got dragons on it. That's all that matters to me. 

See you at the market this coming Saturday, July21st, then I'll be off to Toronto for a week for the GEM EXPO/META EXPO and lots of fun, back again at the market Saturday, August 4th.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. I will be teaching at the Gem Expo Friday night, Saturday & Sunday mornings. Sign up and get free admission to both shows!!!

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