Wednesday 29 April 2015

1951 British Penny Farthing Coin Bracelet...

Swapped this broken bracelet two weeks ago for a stringing job done for Liane, the Vintage Lady at the market, back in the winter. Liane had shown me the bracelet the week before, but I wasn't particularly interested as this type of vintage jewellery doesn't appeal. I did like the birds -- Jenny Wrens as I discovered today online. However, once I saw earrings made with the same coins a few days later on Pinterest...

...the penny dropped (sorry, couldn't resist) and I knew I had to have this bracelet. I was sweating bullets waiting for Saturday, hoping it hadn't sold.

I'm taking it apart so I can make earrings and pendants out of it. Not too sure if the soldered bails will hold if the coins are used as pendants, but so far they seem pretty strong. It was links on the outer chain that had come apart.

Thanks for looking!

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