Tuesday 14 October 2014

Carved Wooden Skull Bracelets...

I finally found some decent elastic that doesn't immediately stretch way out and get floppy -- the brand name is Stretch Magic and I got mine at Lacy Tools in Toronto -- and after a number of false attempts very early Saturday morning remembered how to tie a knot that holds. There's a good video here on how to tie a surgeon's knot using Stretch Magic. The surgeon's knot is a very handy knot to know about for any type of cord. I noticed also that I can't pull the first half knot too tightly, otherwise the beads get jammed up. As always, there's finding that sweet spot where the beads sit just right and the bracelet has just enough structure. 

Hand-carved wooden skull beads with assorted copper spacers, jump rings and coils from Africa, carved bone dice and/or matte black seed beads:

Thanks for looking!


Lisa Yang said...

Stretch magic is my favorite stretch cord so far. It lasts really well - but I always pre-stetch it so it doesn't get floppy with wear. I lvoe the bracelet!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Lisa, I didn't mention the pre-stretching, but yes, that is definitely necessary. I would do that with the other brands I was buying (read wasting money on) and they ended up stretching twice the length and not springing back. I'd even try doubling and quadrupling the cord to try and make them stronger, but nothing worked.

I've noticed that a lot of people think, or, like me, thought, that elastic is only good for kids' bracelets and/or now to make the big chunky mala bracelets but I can't tell you the number of people with arthritis who absolutely love 'em. The problem is the commercial ones I've bought for resale are made only in one size -- small -- and they are incredibly uncomfortable to wear.