Monday 4 August 2014

Winter's Pink Seed Bead, Skull & Druzy Necklace... Plus Some New Suncatchers...

I had a great day at the farmers market on Saturday, with a number of sales, plus orders from new customers. I'm meeting people new to the market every week now. That's so great.

This is Winter's latest necklace finally completed that she'd ordered before I left for the Gem Expo. I watched Bones and Suits on Netflix for three nights and wrapped my little brains out. It was fiddly work because I had to make sure that all the skulls were wrapped facing the same direction.

The light where I am in the market is pretty much non-existent, and yesterday I finally bought some small clamp lamps with extra long goose-necks. If nothing else, it was the unspoken subtext of Winter's text to me about the necklace after she'd got home that proved how bad the lighting is -- plus I love that she loves it:

"Ok, I got home and took a better look at the necklace in the mirror and up close while I wasn't wearing it. God, I [frickin'] love it. I think it might be my fave one to date. Which is weird because I love my raven one so much. This one is perfect. I love every single bead and the pendant is even cooler up close than I thought it was. Thanks, Barbara. I will show it off regularly and make sure everyone knows who made it for me."

Here are a few of my new suncatchers in progress. All have been window-tested for their rainbow-giving properties, and even that deeply, darkly elegant suncatcher on the right bounces rainbows all over the room.

A selection of suncatchers will be available for sale at the Woodstock Farmers Market on Saturday mornings 7:00 a.m. to noon, at Showcase 800 on your right just as you come through the doors at the One of a Kind Antique Mall 10:00 a.m.--5:00 p.m. seven days a week except stat holidays, and/or you can email me. These little ones run $15-$20 (plus shipping and handling if you order by email) and are made with jewellery-quality Chinese and Swarovski crystals. The suncatchers pictured are about 5 to 8 inches long, linked with copper wire and they all come with about 18" of brown leather cord to hang them with. I don't recommend hanging them with suction cups: being made of crystal they're kind of heavy. I can make them in specific colours, or longer for hanging outside on the deck/in the trees, for example, or, if you'd like me to incorporate semi-precious stones, that's doable, too.

Thanks for looking!

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