Friday 13 December 2013

Early Christmas Present...

My favourite kind -- early, cheap, on sale, fits me perfectly, love the colour -- and I got to play with the box it came in.

Give up?

I bought myself an office-chair-in-a-box from Liquidation World here in Paris (not the real one), which is itself liquidating, so everything is 20% off including Yum Yum Chips, which I loooove (and who looooove me), and all kinds of Christmas goodies. Too bad LW is closing. It's a nifty place to spend 15 or 20 minutes in while you wait for your pizza or Chinese food to be ready down the strip mall, not to mention a lot quieter and cleaner and brighter than the Waaaaal-Marts of the world, I don't have to drive all over the countryside to get to it, aaaaand great prices.

It has never failed to amaze me what one can build with a simple little Allen key.

Unfortunately, I got no jewellery made this week. I've been typing my brains out while trying to recuperate my knees and back. My back is doing okay, but my knees are pretty much toast. However, I will be putting some things together tomorrow at the market and I will endeavour to remember to photograph them this time. Last week I fixed Winter's raven skull and raku human skull, hands and feet necklace... you gotta see it. It came out pretty cool. She's bringing me more skulls to play with and fix.

Because it's been so bloody cold the past few days and we're bracing for our first dump of the fluffy stuff this weekend, a memory of a warmer, kinder, fuzzier time and place...

G'night and thanks for looking.


Libellula Jewelry™ said...

I hope your knees feel better soon. Stay safe at your weekend market! I just got over a virus that I picked up when I was away for a multi-day market and it was no picnic. I'm always so careful about using hand sanitizer, washing my hands, and not touching my face--it had to be airborne or on my food. Ugh!

Bundle up and enjoy the beauty of the snow before it turns all nasty and slushy. :)

Barbara said...

Thanks! Yeah -- have you ever noticed how people proudly announce to you how sick they are but they came to the show/market anyway? So far, I've been lucky and haven't gotten sick yet this year. Slushy today -- and RAIN coming on Friday turning into snow as the temp drops and everywhere will be a skating rink. I'm beginning to understand the whole Snowbird concept. I have an aunt and uncle in Miami who've been asking me for years to visit them... maybe it's about time. Although I just heard that they're off to spend a white Christmas in Denver. Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year.