Friday 15 February 2013

Mixed Pearl Necklace & Earrings

It's February 15th! Happy Half-Price Chocolate Day to you all!

A long silence. With both the weather and roads being the height of crappy the past two Saturdays I erred on the side of caution and skipped the markets. I had visions of sitting at my kitchen table, the only semi-clear space in here (I have four -- count'em -- work tables each of which is completely buried a foot deep in stuff plus the kitchen table), snow silently piling up to the eaves outside and putting jewellery together, but with another onslaught of transcription to plough through not much jewellery-making got done at all.

I finally got around to adding this pretty heart clasp to the mixed cream, pink and purple pearl and Swarovski crystal necklace I started two weeks ago. I have a feeling the clasp could be sterling, but like a lot of things there including these mixed pearls, unmarked and unpriced bags of this, that and the other surface periodically and with no idea from where or whence they came. No .925 on the clasp anywhere to be seen, but it has the sheen and weight of sterling, so mebbe. Sterling earwires for sure on the matching earrings.

Necklace is approximately 25" long

I have a million ideas of things to make but unlike so many of the prolific bloggers I follow, I'm mired deeply in the winter doldrums (and those pesky files). Fortunately the emergence of the sun the past few days is working its slow but sure magic. Now if the temperature could just get above freezing and stay there... how nice that would be!

This is what my pal Lynn (aka Lynny Claus) over at has been working on -- the jewellery display frame AND the earrings. Once the hangers are attached, this and its duplicate will be winging their way to her daughters (2 frames, 2 daughters) as combo V-Day/B-day gifts.

Again, Happy Half-Price Chocolate Day everyone, and thanks for looking!


Lisa Yang Jewelry said...

I'm glad it's not just me! I have been very neglectful of my blog, even though I have design ideas coming out my ears. It's not even snowing here - but somehow my motivation to take pictures and write (and even complete my projects) has been low. I'm going to try to shake it this week. I love your multi-pearl necklace. I make something similar and it is always a favorite. I LOVE the jewelry display frame. If only I were organized enough to use something like that. (sigh)

Barbara said...

Hi, Lisa,

Thanks! I was impressed by my friend's frame, too.

I'm getting a lot of specific requests for pearls lately -- do you find this at all? To that end, I've been reading up on them and looking at pictures. You should head over to They just got some pearls in that are unreal. I wish I was at that level of jewellery-making, but given that I'm having trouble selling things for $20, ten or fifteen times that? I don't think so. Not yet, anyway. I can dream.