Sunday 16 December 2012

Silly snowman earrings...

For the past four years, I'd make Christmas-themed earrings and they'd just sit there. Occasionally through the year someone might buy a pair. This year for the first time I got several inquiries if I had any Christmas earrings? No... But then during the week I'd make a few pair. This year for some reason I sold several pairs almost as soon as I put them out, but usually before I photographed them.

Here are three of the four snowperson earrings I made. I guess I should have started earlier this year.

Made with white jadeite rounds that I got from Nelson Gemstones, and which actually look kind of snowbally -- they have a bit of a granular solidity/translucency to them, Swarovski rondelles and matte jet heishi top hats; Bali silver daisy spacer "toes" to keep the head pins from sliding through the rounds, and finished with sterling earwires.

People really love the different semi-precious earrings with the Bali daisy spacers (those are hawk's eye up there beside the snowpersons) and I've sold several pairs already. I'm on the hunt now for a complete selection of 6mm and/or 8mm birthstone rounds.

The market was really good yesterday. I usually do better after Christmas, when people have their Christmas gift money to buy exactly what they want, so this was a most pleasant surprise. Given that I have such a broad range of items, I'm always fascinated by what people choose and why and for whom.

One more Saturday to go, and I hope it's good for all of us! What constitutes a successful show or market is vastly different for everyone, but I'm very pleased how this Christmas selling season has gone for me. How have your Christmas shows and markets been this season? Do you think this presages good sales in the spring and summer of 2013?

Thanks for looking.


Nelson Jewelry & Gemstones said...

I think those snowball earrings are really cute. Smart idea, Barbara.

I've been trying to stock up on amethyst and aquamarine for the coming months. Let me know if you'd like me to split some strands in half.

JustPinMoney said...

I love these, simple, elegant and holiday ready earings. BTW thanks for being my new follower!