Wednesday 9 May 2012

I was told these are for old people...

My sunglasses live on top of my head so I have no use for glasses lanyards myself... not that I'm old or anything.

The specific request was that this be light in weight, hence using size 10/0 seed beads (a size 8/0 seed bead necklace in a similar length was deemed too heavy), and the string ends are finished in tinned copper and small pewter beads. Before I bought the bag of rubber thingies I wished I'd looked more closely at them. I know I've seen coloured rubber rings somewhere and I could've made these easily enough. Hot pink would've been good...

Two selections for a customer's approval. Sure hope she shows up on Saturday.

This was the first lanyard I made. Dunno if I like the spiral beads I used here. I'm also going to use a stronger, larger gauge jump ring to hold the lanyard onto the rubber thingies.

This was the actual commission -- for the patchwork seed bead style of lanyard and using pewter flower beads on the ends of the stringing...

These are about 26" to 27" long, $30 plus $5 shipping and handling. I take Paypal. Please email me for details and availability or a custom design/length.

Thank you for looking!

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