Friday 13 January 2012

Latest iteration of table -- 07 Jan 2012 market

I hope people aren't getting bored with my table pictures. I'm trying to work this out, and I still see questions in other forums about displays.

The big question I have for myself is do I move to a lighter-coloured though still neutral background, or carry on using black? I have a beautiful old woven South American style striped cloth -- and it IS old. Doesn't appear to have any artificial dye colours, just natural dyes -- and I'm thinking of using that on part of the display with the turquoise, but I'm not sure -- it might make things too busy. For what it's worth I bought it at the Thursday morning San Giovanni market in Rome back in...... oh, 1996 or '97. Cost me 20 bucks. Been hauling it around unused ever since, but I love looking at it. It's so finely woven.

I'll bring it one of these days to the market, try it out and photograph it, be done with it one way or the other.

Meanwhile... Saturday 07 January table.
Full table, seems to be looking a little more organised
New crocheted bracelets and necklaces
Turquoise strings and necklaces, pewter pendants and feather earrings

Depleted pewter pendants on back grid, lots of wrapped fossil shark teeth and other miscellaneous guy-style pendants up front.
My favourite skulls

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