Thursday 29 December 2011

Crocheted bracelets

I can't believe it's taken this long to write another entry. Time is flyin'. I was typing a ton and making lots of jewellery right up until Christmas. I sold about half of my feather earrings, and bought lots more colours on Monday from The Bead Boutique in Kitchener. For those living in the southern Ontario area, be sure to get up there this week. I left a few things for everyone else to buy: lots of beads, findings and especially chains are on sale and Jess said there would be lots more hitting the shelves and walls as the week progressed. Check out the new website -- lots of cool pix. Yay, Jess!

These are just a few of the last two days' creations. I've been meaning to try making crocheted bracelets for quite a while. Lots more to come plus necklaces, which could also be worn as multi-wrap bracelets or even anklets. I ran out of buttons last night and I'm off shortly to get more, plus some hair extension doodads to make long feather dangles. Dunno how many of those I might sell at the market on Saturday. I have hopes as it's New Year's Eve Day and time to parrrrrrrr-day, but since the market demographics skew somewhat towards the geriatric end of the age range... I dunno about that!

Pink frosted handmade glass beads, base metal button closure,
chocolate brown cotton cord -- $10
Butterscotch browns, ambers and red frosted handmade glass beads,
base metal button closure, chocolate brown cotton cord -- $10
Rainbow of frosted glass beads, base metal button closure,
chocolate brown cotton cord -- $10
Old handmade blue & red chevron glass beads, base metal beads and button closure,
chocolate brown cotton cord -- $30
Dyed jasper beads, base metal beads & button closure,
chocolate brown cotton cord -- $20
Variety of bone, amethyst, sponge coral, glass & base metal beads, base metal button closure, chocolate brown cotton cord -- $20 
I'm using mostly frosted glass beads for now. But if I can thread the waxed cotton through them, every type of bead I've got will eventually be incorporated. Got a request? Email me if you want to order something in your size -- I'll need your exact wrist measurement -- or if you want a particular colour combination. Specify also waxed cotton cord colour: black, chocolate brown (shown), medium brown and beige. Prices will depend on the type of beads used, but for now, the plain glass bead bracelets will run about $10. Packing and shipping starts at $3.50 to the US and Canada. 

Check back here or for more pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I want to try this technique too some time. I found your blog via the blog of Fradany. Maybe you would like to see some of my designs too:
It's in dutch, but it has a lot of pictures. I will be following you from now on!