Friday 1 April 2011

Good taste -- and tastes good

Under usual circumstances, most art is appreciated through just a few of the senses: vision, perhaps touch when you're talking sculpture, memories invoking place and time. But it's almost never, ever edible.  Except...

On display and available at the Woodstock Farmers Market on Nellis Street every Saturday morning and for pickup through the week, Rene Hoelscher's Let's Eat Cake cakes and cookies are funny, whimsical, not to mention incredibly beautiful, hand-sculpted stand-alone works of art. And they taste sooooooooooooo good, made as they are with pure, fresh ingredients.

Cake piggy that I am (I've been cut off from the free samples), I'm not the only one who thinks so: check out what the Ontario Wedding Blog has to say.

I've begun providing cake jewellery at Rene's behest, so if you're planning a wedding or require dazzle-your-guests'-socks-off cakes or cookies with bonus off-the-charts "Oh, wow! Is that ever cool!" you can contact either of us at the market or via the usual virtual multitude of means.

Stay tuned: for those firmly grounded in physical reality who believe cake in hand is worth 478 gazillion hits online, Rene's bricks and mortar bakery will be opening later this spring in downtown Woodstock.

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