Wednesday 11 March 2015

Packing Up For The Gem Expo...

Lookie what I found basking in the +1C sun on my deck half an hour ago...

And... last night, Step 1, all the beads came off the grids and into a bin and then the grids moved into the Blazer.

Step 2, bits and pieces of my display, the busts, T-bars and lights all ready to go into the truck tomorrow morning. The weather guys are calling for -10-ish overnight, still too cold to leave things in the truck. I found out the hard way that everything starts to sweat when the sun hits the truck the next day.

Today I drag myself off this infernal computer to finish off pricing the new turquoise and miscellaneous beady odds and sods and doing a final sort into my new display bins. I'm also trying this time to not bring all the extra bins and bags of things that I really don't need... like extra beads, all my wire and findings to make stuff... 'cause, like, yeah, there'll really be time to do all that! Phhht.

The Gem Expo starts this Friday, March 13th, goes 'til Sunday March 15th. Sign up for courses and get free admission!

See you there!

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