Friday 19 February 2016

Kids' Rings & Stretch Bracelets...

I used to make rings, and man, did it ever hurt my fingers because I was using half hard to very hard wire. I'm not stupid. Something hurts? I stop. Well, I've had a lot of requests lately to make rings for kids, and after a three or four year ring-making hiatus I finally ditched my constant companion these days, Mr. Procrastination, and got out my new 20 gauge dead soft copper wire and made a ring... then I made more.

These range from 2.0 to 3.0 in size. More to come.

I also made a lot of kids' stretch bracelets this week. These are pretty much all made with regular 6/0 Czech seed beads so I could keep the cost down. I ran out of white, and I cannot find my black beads anywhere.

 Four Directions bracelet with a flying turtle.

These will all be available at the Woodstock Farmer's Market tomorrow and every Saturday morning 7:00-12:00 noon. If you're interested in other colours, stones and/or sizes, please ask.

See you there, and thanks for looking.

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