Wednesday 15 June 2011

Riffing and raffing...

I do love the combination of copper and silver together, with lapis and turquoise and... etc. I made a pile of components of copper and Bali silver...

...and then I started riffing...

Lapis lazuli heishi, copper, pewter and sterling silver

...and riffing...

Hubei turquoise pendants

If I could only put these pictures where
I want them, that would be so cool. Why do they keep
jumping around no matter what I do? Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

                                                                               Pure copper rounds, crimps and crimp covers are all from Magpie Gemstones, as are the jasper bear fetishes. 

Facetted lapis earrings

I made the "goldfish tail" maple keys from PMC3 silver last year. I'm in the midst of coating gingko biloba leaves, not many as I waited too long and they'd grown too large, and I managed to coat about 30 lilies of the valley before they all rotted in the big heat and humidity wave we had two weeks ago.

PMC3 Silver "Goldfish Tail" maple keys

These silver goldfish earrings don't look so big, but they weigh a ton. This size might make better pendants.

I got a lot of typing done today. Packed it in around 3:00 and spent four hours making this stuff. The bracelet came together nicely, but of course I made it too big again to fit me. I'm still very pleased with the shape of these clasps, how they don't seem to come apart the way the rounder-curved ones do. The trick is to make the bracelet itself exactly the size of your wrist, then the clasp hooking into the loop provides the extra half inch or so of slack. You have to squeeze the bracelet closed to get the clasp undone, yet it's still easy to do, much easier than anything else I've tried. 

Camp Frio turquoise

My messy work space.

I give up. Buona notte, ragazzi.

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